Order PALS Accessories How Our Online Programs Work

The PALS renewal online and the PALS certification programs are crafted after procedural instruction and clinical recommendations found in the official American Heart Association provider manual which is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Once an applicant registers for either of the PALS courses, they can immediately begin the test. Each exam is made up of 50 questions with multiple choice answers. Before starting the exam, the applicant must fill in their contact information in the form above the exam o ensure their hard copy card will be named correctly and shipped to the appropriate address.

Upon completion of either program, the applicant will receive a confirmation page which confirms the exam will be graded in the order it was sent unless the same day review and email card was selected. When an applicant passes the program, they will receive an email with the test score outcome and their new PALS digital provider card attached. A hard copy card will also be sent in the mail according to the choice of shipping made in the initial registration. Those who do not pass the exam their first time may retake the course as many times as they choose with no additional fee for each retake. Recertify your PALS or begin your first PALS certification course today with Westlake! >> Register

Register, earn and receive your PALS provider card today!

Westlake Critical Center now offers online PALS certification testing that can be completed entirely from your computer. This unique opportunity allows health practitioners to enroll in either the PALS recertification or certification courses without having to attend a local PALS class or complete a skills assessment evaluation. Westlake's online Pediatric Advanced Life Support exams are specifically designed for medical professionals who need to quickly earn their PALS card and do not have the option or interest in taking a program in person. Most individuals can complete either PALS online exam in 2 hours or less depending on their retention, preparation and motivation. >> Register Now

Why Choose Westlake Critical Center Take Each Program at Your Own Pace
Our organization now offers a PALS course that is designed to be taken at your own pace. Upon registration, you will receive instant access to either exam as well as an email receipt which will include you user name and password to login to the exam when you are ready to begin. Either start immediately or retrieve your access codes and take at a later date. There is no time limit while taking either the PALS renewal or the PALS certification exams. Additionally, there is no date by which you are required to complete the exam. Take the PALS online course as quickly or as slowly as is convenient for your schedule. Each test may be printed to allow studying offline but must be completed in one sitting.
Get Your Provider Card the Same Day
You can now receive proof of your certification the same day you pass either exam. To purchase our same day review and email card package, simply select the option while completing the registration for the PALS online exam. If you plan on completing the exam during the week, you must submit your test no later than 6:00 pm pm EST in order to receive the same day review. If over the weekend, tests must be finished before 5:00 pm EST on Sunday to receive results the same day. Exams submitted on Saturday will be graded Sunday. Exams that are submitted after the deadline will be graded and results/email card sent the following day.
Free Provider Term Verification
Westlake is proud to be the only online PALS provider that offers free provider term verification services for applicants who pass either the PALS certification or recertification courses. The service is initiated by either an employer, representative of an organization or the graduate of the exam. Depending on the individual, our verification page will provide a relevant form to be completed. Once submitted, the advisor board will review the submission, pull records and attempt to locate the particular practitioner who successfully passed the exam. Once the record has been verified, our staff will contact the requesting party and provide verification of the individual after receiving permission from the graduate.